JENNIFER MEO, who is a guest of Norbert’s.

PAV PENNA, former member, good friend and great guest speaker. (I hope?)


JEREMY: Has 2 hockey games today, his team and his son’s team so he gets 4 hours of ice time, this makes him so happy.

TINA: Easter is over and her voice just made it through it. Good Friday’s Hockey game was so sad. It was the last with the Brampton Battalion and it was very emotional on the ice waving goodbye to all the fans and knowing it’s over. She will miss all the hugs.

IRVING: His son Ryan won an award for best project of the year, something to do with cell phones that can talk to each other, he lost me, but the professors at the school where impressed and the invention will do well.

D MAC: They had a great holiday in Florida, it was cool but better than here.

NORBERT: Happy/Sad buck,  Happy his guest Jennifer is here with him. Sad wife away for the week. (Something like that)

DANNIE:  Read a thing?


PAV pulled JEREMY’S ticket.


JEREMY: There was to be a Directors meeting at 11:15 before today’s meeting but only Wayne and him showed up so the meeting will be WED. APRIL 17TH, 11:15

Kidney Foundation Dance this Sat. April 6th, if you have tickets please show up.

April 20, District Assembly, in Cambridge, all board members should attend.

April 27th is the Day at The Races, Woodbine; 12:00 still room for more, contact DMac.

May 22, Quint Meeting, Rotary Glen, $25.00 per person. All 5 Clubs will be there.

June 9th  Games Day Afternoon, lots of fun but we need people, start asking now.

“The club has to decide, is it Hockey or Bingo or something else as a fund raiser. Let your President know, time is running out for a decision.” Think about it.

WAYNE: Day of Giving, we will probably be doing the Perpetual Bazaar, on May 11th, Heartlake Rotary has 3 events on June 3, as their day, other clubs are doing their own things so it will not be a joint Rotary Day as in previous years.


JACK introduced former member PAV PENNA to speak to the club, and as Pav said people must read the Bull-a-ton, and new he was speaking, because hardly anybody showed up. It was too bad because they missed quite an interesting, amusing and thought provoking presentation on Global Warming. He will be making the same presentation to the Toronto Board of Something in a few weeks and this was good practice for him. A dry run so to speak. Dannie has read up on Global Warming and mentioned a number to me about Canada’s plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. When Pav asked the question, I thru out Dannie’s number and it was so close that Pav was in shock, I credited Dannie with the answer so we both got a drink after the meeting. All in all it was a good meeting and I felt a very interesting program.