APRIL FOOLS DAY, and we acted the part.



Only nine members, must be national holiday for those who didn’t attend.

Bingo April 1, Sunday Apr. 6, Sun April 19th, and Sat. April 25th check your schedule.


WAYNE: Quint meeting Monday April 13. He is not in charge; we all must let them know if we are attending ourselves. RANDY will register us but we must e-mail him right away, last day is April 8th. An e-mail has been sent to everyone about the event with all the information, so please return to Randy if you are going. There will be no Wednesday meeting that week as this will be the Rotary Meeting.


MARTIN: Happy to be here. Happy to be anyplace.

DANNIE: Springhill N.S. is no longer a city, or town, it has been decommissioned and is only a village.

TINA: Sorry she missed the District 7080 Gala Banquet, her kitchen renovations went well but took longer than she thought, so had to be there. (Those guys in coveralls and tool belts!)

TED: Thanked Jack for covering his shift at Bingo. He, DWac, and Jeremy where at the school of Rock.

RAY: The RI Pres. Meeting was nice but the food wasn’t. Thanks Norbert for driving.

JACK: Thanked Norbert for driving as well, but really thanked Wayne for bringing him home. He needed a shoehorn to get into the back seat of Norbert’s sporty car, and a crane to get out. So when offered a ride home in a nice big GMC Pick Up, I couldn’t turn it down. Thanks Wayne I can walk again.

RUSS: While walking in here today, someone asked him what is the fasted way to get to Bramalea City Centre, he said are you walking or driving, the guy said driving, so Russ told him that, that was the fasted way.


TINA won again, so now she can pay for the new kitchen.


RANDY read out some of the new rules and regulations put out by the OLG in regards to the BINGO workers/volunteers. Things like uniforms, (we do it) not sitting down on the job, no eating, no cell phones, electronic devices or books, we must be visible at all times. We do most of that so it is not news to us, most of us anyway. These rules are for everyone and are put out for all new charities and volunteers to learn.

Don’t forget to let him know about the Quint Meeting on April 13th. At the old Rotary Glen (now has a new name which escapes me now) 6:00 fellowship, 7:00 meal, Mayor Linda Jefferys is the guest speaker. $20.00 is the cost.

Question? Anyone know who or what pod it is this month for speakers?