GILLIAN MARAMIERI and her father DON LESLIE, who will be our speakers.

ROBERT HARVEY, DWAC’S brother, not our speaker, but won’t stop talking anyway

MARGARET MCGREGOR, Dave’s much better half.


DANNIE; Bathroom number 3 is done, so now he can do #2 & #1 which makes 3.

D MACK: Happy his better half is here, He’s been 1 week retired and tired already from all the stuff he has to do. Wishes he was back working, he had more time then.

TINA: Delighted to have Margaret here.

JEREMY: Happy to be here almost on time. Sold his Catamaran (boat) and is happy.

SHANTA: Had her surgery, all went well and she is feeling much better. She can breath now and take big breathes, before she was limited to the amount of air she could breathe in and was always short of breath. She was very impressed with the Toronto General Hospital, they did a great job on her and everyone who treated her was so nice.

D WAC: $5. HB’S Happy brother Robert here, daughter Abigail is 10 years old today. Was at a cottage near Jeremy’s, visited a lot and had a great time. Happy (or so happy) to be back at work at the store.

DON: Lost hydro for 24 hours a while ago and basement flooded, just got insurance cheque and was quite surprised he got it so fast.


DANNIE won again, now he can install bathroom number 4.(He loves his bathrooms.)


JEREMY: World Polio Day the 1st Wednesday in November, he would like some of us to go with him to the Go Station to hand our pamphlets. Please keep this in mind.

SHANTA: The Toronto Foundation Dinner and Dance is coming up on September 14th, just a month away. She would like to know who is coming from the club ASAP.


JACK introduced Gillian and her father to the club. She has a young son, Matthew, who was born with Cystic Fibrosis, and they wanted to something to raise awareness and to raise funds to help find a cure. Don lives close to the Caledon Golf Club and Gillian use to work there so they decided to hold a golf tournament as a fund raiser. They call it Mulligans Fore Matthew, (A shot for a cure). With sponsors and games and the like, they raised over $17,000 for their first tournament. They both gave us a lot information on Matthew and Cystic Fibrosis, a horrible disease of which there is no cure, 1 in 3600 born get it and 1 in 8 die from it. The only cure is a lung transplant, so please sign your donor cards. Matthew is doing well, she has to massage his chest, (lungs) everyday but he is doing okay and they are thinking positive for a cure someday. Our club will join them next year Friday June 13th to help make their Mulligans Fore Matthew Golf Tournament another success. You can join them on Face book at


Just go home from my 1st Bingo in 15 years. Lot of standing around, ware good shoes, it is not hard because most of the players know what they are doing. Be there early for your shift to sign in that was the hardest thing. Dress properly, no hats, and smile a lot. Be patient, it is all for charity.