JAY SUGUMAN: Principle Clark Blvd.P S and the President of the Peel Safety Village

CHRISTIE HALLETT, Also with the Peel Safety Village and today’s speaker.

SALLY ANN KERMAN, welcomed guest of Martin’s.

SHASHI DOSAJ, wife of Gyan’s here to say hello.

TERRY WOOD, Much better half of the Wood duo, here for the speakers.


JACK: Hockey game this Sunday! We must have a better turnout of sellers than last Sunday. Russ, Jack, David H. where to only members to show up. Thankfully former member Bernie showed up so there were 4 of us. Between periods Wayne helped although he paid to get in and was with his wife, he helped because we were short and it was busy. Russ and I had to do the draw, count and cleanup ourselves, and the prize was over $800. It wasn’t the usual fun time. We got to have 6 people and they should be there for the final count. Let’s do better this week, only 6 more games left, and then the playoffs.

Annual Kidney Dance is Sat. April 6th; we have enough for 2 tables, 16 people. We could get another table if more want to go. Let us know as soon as possible.

Thanks to WAYNE for doing last weeks Bull. He sent copies, if you didn’t get let me know and I will forward to you. It was about the new Hockey team in Brampton.

JEREMY: Was away last week, and came in a little late today, incase anyone noticed? Nobody did, He announced a Poker Tournament for Dave’s Hockey team if anyone is interested contact him or Dave as soon as possible.

SHANTA: Games day will be Sunday June 2, at Spot One, please put this on your calendars; it is a lot of fun, and a good fund raiser.

JERRY: We are involved with Dreams Take Flight, and we must get our kids and everything done right away, the day is fast approaching.

TINA: Went to a meeting for Camp Enterprise, all looks good and if we are sending 4 students we better get theirs names soon.


TERRY pulled her own, funny how often guests do that.


JEREMY: Had a great time in Mexico with family last week. His son is doing great in Hockey, and he was afraid if he missed a playoff game it would hurt the team. It didn’t they won 5-0. without Benjamin.

DAVE M. Thanks to Jack and his gang of 15 we have enough to book the window seats for the Day at the Races, Sat. April 27.

TINA: She has been dog sitting for a week; she no longer has the urge to get another dog.

SHASHI: Always happy to be here and see us.

GYAN: Paid 2 happy bucks, will be in Florida for 2 weeks working on his tan.

JERRY: Has a real bad cold and misses Rosa so much its sickening. She’s been gone one day.

TED: He got home the other day and there was an envelope on his doormat, it said “DO NOT BEND” He spent hours trying to figure out how to pick it up.


CHRISTIE HALLETT, is the administrator at the Peel Safety Village, It is at the PowerAde Park, near the arena. We helped to build and fund it way back in 1994.

Since then they have had over 250,000 children visit and learn about traffic safety and many other worthwhile things. They have classes for all grade 1, 3, and 5 students, and they also train all the Bus Patrol Kids. They are now doing a thing on Cyber Bullying which is a very real threat to kids these days. They are doing a fine job and they are looking for more support from groups like Rotary to help them. A very worthwhile cause. Jay then spoke to us on our Dictionary Program and on how we can help with the Safety Village., and gave us more information. Jerry and Jeremy will attend some of their meetings and report back to our club.