SHASHI DOSAJ: GYAN’S wife and frequent visitor when she can be.

BERNIE; Past President and former member, good friend, world traveler, great sales man, lousy golfer, and barely speaks English but nice guy anyway here for a visit.


RANDY: He will chair the meeting as our President is tied up some where, (apparently one of his kinky games went wrong). We decided that even though next week 31st, is the 5th Wednesday in the month we will have a regular noon meeting. We have a lot to discuss but not enough members here this time of year to discuss them, so our evening Club Assembly will be reset when more members are available.

The Bingo Schedules and teams have been set and we will all be notified soon as to the teams and dates.


NORBERT: Happy he won’t be here for 2 weeks; he and Liz are going on a Baltic Cruise, starting in Norway and going to Russia. (Sounds great, looking forward to his stories when they return.)

BERNIE: He and Francis are going to Italy to see his daughters, then to Austria to see her family, she will stay there for six weeks, he returns in 3 weeks, when she gets home they will go to Mexico for 2 months, then to China for a trip. She retires this week and he still does business in China so she will accompany him on this trip.

 RAY: His car was broken into while in his driveway. His son Glenn came to take him out for a coffee and wondered why the interior light was on in the car. They checked and found it all messed up, but nothing missing that he knows of. Glenn might have scared them away when he showed up?

SHASHI: She didn’t have a Happy Buck, but she did have 4 quarters, so we took it. She is always happy to be able to see us when she comes with Gyan.

RANDY: Things going well in New York State. No problems with the trailer or anything.

JACK: Read a very funny joke, you had to be there, too bad you weren’t.


RAY: He won the draw again. Stupid draw, I hate it.


Quote from RI President Ron D Burton in this months Rotarian that I found fits our club.


 “We have to make sure that every Rotarian, in every club, has a meaningful job – one that makes a real difference to the club and the community. Because when you’re doing something meaningful in Rotary, Rotary is meaningful to you.”

 “ In Rotary, we all have something to give. At every stage of our lives and our careers, Rotary has something for all of us – a way to let us do more, be more, and give more. Rotary gives our lives more meaning, more purpose, and greater satisfaction. And the more we give through Rotary, the more Rotary gives back to us in Return.”