JEREMY: BOZO BUCK/  Today he suffered the worst hockey injury he ever got. He was trying to throw out an old hockey stick, not thinking it would fit in the garbage truck, he tried to break it, he couldn’t, so he put it on the curb and jumped on it. It didn’t break, but he did. He slid down the stick, landed on his side against the curb. He tried to get up incase anyone was looking but was too sore and embarrassed. After getting up he limped into the house to recover.

D MAC: Last weeks Quint Meeting was the best he has ever been to. ( Those who were there all agreed.)

TINA: Had a great 4 days and nights at Camp Enterprise. It was very educational and a fun program. She and the participants all learned a lot and had fun do so.




WAYNE: This Saturday, June 8 is the Day of Giving. Those who have volunteered will meet at Coffee Culture (downtown Brampton) at 8:30 and walk down to Perpetual Bazaar, 21 Queen St. W. to start to work by 9:00. Ted Vandermere will be doing the Air Conditioner and we will be doing the cleaning and painting. Wayne has already got the paint, so just show up in old clothes and be ready to work.

SHANTA: Sunday July 7th has been booked for the Games Day. This is a great time to invite friends and family to join us for fun and games. It is at Spot One, 1:00, games begin around 2:00 till 4:00. Cost is $25.00. this includes lots of food. So please everyone

Come and bring some friends to have fun and learn about Rotary Fellowship. Talk this up to the clubs in town.

RUSS: He will be sending around information on the E Bingo training session, June 24th. There are 2 times, 3-5 and 7-9. He will let us know where. We all have to take this course if we are going to participate in Bingo. This is now our major fund raiser.

JACK: Did you know the Ontario Government intends to end OHIP funding physiotherapy services?. This negatively impacts thousands of seniors, people with disabilities and children. OHIP funded physiotherapy helps seniors to maintain their mobility and independence, which reduces their risk of falls and hospitalization, and allows them to live safely at home. The Ontario Government’s plan is to dramatically cut current funding for physiotherapy and to lower the level of services that seniors, people with disabilities and children receive. They will also drastically reduce physiotherapy services that seniors in Retirement and Long Term Care Homes depend on for their well-being and independence. Call your local MPP and tell them to stop these funding cuts. For more information call: 1-855-474-9476. Join the petition against these changes at www.dpca.ca …DPCA / Designated Physiotherapy Clinics Association of Ontario.

I have been doing physiotherapy once a week for a few years on my arthritic knee, and if they stop funding I will have to quit because I have no insurance or health plan. I also have a nephew in Midland who is a Physiotherapist in a Seniors Residence, he has already been told he will lose his job at the end of July because of this plan.




JACK AGAIN: I went to the Rotary Information Night at Rotary Glen on Wednesday.

Tina and Jeremy where also there. They had to leave early so I stayed to represent our club. I didn’t know that I would have to make a speech. All 5 Clubs where there and about 3-15 visitors looking for information on Rotary. Our job was to sell them on our clubs. I had to follow four women from the four other clubs, and they knew that they where to speak and had some stuff prepared. (Thanks President Jeremy for the heads up)

I think I did okay, because I was the only guy and a 2 time Past President with almost 30 years in Rotary. I told them that I knew I had more experience then any of them because I was in Rotary before women where allowed. I told them of some of our problems at the beginning trying to induct women into Rotary and into our club. Listening to the four ladies before me and hearing their passion for Rotary and their clubs, I got the feeling that Rotary is in great shape in Brampton and I really think that we, the Bramalea Rotary Club is missing the boat by not showing up at these events, and not becoming more involved with our sister clubs and doing more joint Rotary events. I really enjoyed the evening and listening to what the other four clubs are doing, and I think they liked what we are doing too. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a few of them Saturday at the Day of Giving and doing make-ups at our club on.