No guests, no speaker, small crowd, March Break.


NORBERT: Happy he beat Jeremy to the meeting today; at least he wasn’t last in the food line. He was also happy Max Kazman came to hockey game last week to help sell tickets, and he was willing to go with him to play hockey afterwards. It was fun.

JEREMY: It’s his son’s birthday, and Jeremy has a hockey game tonight, so they will win because it is his son’s birthday.

SHANTA: Happy she will be going to Guyana in a few weeks, she needs the rest..

DANNIE: His mother in law was taken to the hospital but she seems to be getting a little bit better again. She is still very sick, but coming around.


JACK won the draw, only 10 members present, and 3 don’t buy, so he broke even.


PRESIDENT JEREMY: Next weeks speaker is from the Peel Children Centre. This is where we got the names of the 4 kids we will be taking to Disney World on the Dreams Take Flight next month.

April 3, Former member Pav Penna will be our speaker on Global Warming.

April 17 in the World Peace Dinner, Jeremy has more details on that event if needed.

RUSS: He and Jeremy went to a meeting with the new Central Hockey League (CHL) that is coming next year to the Power Aid Centre. They want us to run the 50/50 draw for them. It is a big commitment, and both Russ and Randy, who have done all the hockey games in the past few years and most of them for 15 years are tired and don’t want to be in charge any more. Russ will still look after getting the license and the banking but not the running the games. We will need at least 4 members to step up and commit to being team leaders. Each team would need at least 4 people and the charities that are chosen will supply the rest of the manpower and we get a fee for running / monitoring it. It will be less work for us but we need commitment from members to be there and stay there for the whole game (33 home games). It’s a great opportunity, but we need people.

There is also chance we could get in on the new bingo setup, He is also looking into it.


(PS. The first 2 playoff games where good, we had good turnout from the club to sell tickets, the payouts where large, Over $700, Thursday Night and over $1,000. Sunday.

The series is tied 1-1 so there will be a 5th game on Good Friday, 7:30 game time, so everyone should be there before 6:30 to start selling. They are expecting a large crowd.