ROBERT HARVEY, DWAC’S big brother, and as RANDY found out it is Robert not Bob, because Bob’s your uncle he said.




JERRY: The money we gave last week for the Special Olympics group to enter a fund raiser bowling tournament in support of the Peel Safety Village was a great success and the Special Olympians that represented us had a great time and won lots of stuff and thanked us very much.

RANDY: Hockey this Friday and Sunday. Final 2 games will be next Friday and Sunday. On the Sunday game we (all the Rotarians and friends that have sold tickets over the last 15 years will be on the ice for a special ceremony and thank you to the fans and from the fans that have supported our efforts over the years.)

JEREMY.. VIA TEXT. He got tied up on a business call and won’t be able to make the meeting so could Randy please continue to conduct the meeting for him. We immediately had 14 requests for Happy Bucks.


MARTIN sold, picked and won the draw, again.? Hummmmmm?


ROBERT: Sorry TERRY PALMAY not here to hear this, they have a litter of puppies all sold before they where born, and the bitch only had five, but they could have sold many more. He was looking forward to rubbing that info into Terry.

RANDY: Repairs to Motor Home done, (on the road again.)

TINA: Wild week, happy to be here to rest.

TED: He was in the shower the other day and his wife asked him if he found the shampoo, he did but didn’t know what to do with it, it said it is for dry hair and he had already wet his. (Yep his blond hair is growing back)


ROBERT gave us more information about his dog breeding. Over the years they have sold 56 pups, They are Sheep Dogs that where bred to lead sheep, not protect them so they are very timid and sot after as pets. He has sold them all across Canada and even some to the States. Actress Sissy Spacic even came here to buy one from them. They have been featured on the TV show Pick a Puppy and every time that airs they get lots of calls.

Some other members brought us up to date on other stuff and NORBERT entertained us on his Diet experience, so far he has lost 20 pounds and most of his friends.