BARKAT KHAN: Who is actually a member at large, here for a visit.


D MAC: Won a few hundred bucks at the races last week and is happy about that, and he goofed on the number of people attending, he thought Bernie was coming but found out he was out west, so he had paid for extra 2 people. Randy helped out when he and Tam showed up at the last minute.

RAY: Happy to see his buddy Barkat here, actually he’s happy to see anything.

BARKAT: Happy to be at the club, really misses us and really loves us and our club and all the people in it.

NORBERT: He will be picking up his wife, ex-wife, mother and his son, and flying to Nova Scotia for his daughter’s wedding this weekend. Not sure if the tear in his eye is because his little girl is getting married, or he has to pay for all those flights and rooms.

JACK: Wants every one to look at Norbert’s belt. He engraved his daughter’s name, new husband’s name, and the wedding date on it. He will present it to his new son in law, and tell him that every time he takes off his pants he will think of him.


BARKAT (no wonder I love this club) won the draw.


JEREMY: He has been getting a lot of e-mails from various clubs praising all the great work that TINA did all weekend at Camp Enterprise, she was there all week and was a great help with everything.

Quint Meeting at Rotary Glen, Wed. May 29th  only one person from our club said that they can’t make it, so we are expecting a good Bramalea turnout.

The following week also at Rotary Glen, there is a Rotary Drop in, the idea is to bring people that don’t know about Rotary and show them what we do. It is only for an hour or so. This would be a great time to introduce someone to Rotary.

RUSS: Spoke to the owners of the new Brampton Hockey team, and told them that we are not going to participate in the 50/50 draws. They where quite surprised and disappointed. We will be doing E Bingo, and there is a training session June 24th that we all must attend. There will be an afternoon and evening training.

WAYNE:  Day of Giving is June 8th, and we will be working on the store, more details to follow next week.

JACK: Shanta is still quite sick, has been in the Hospital, so has set a new date for the Games Day, It will be on Sunday July 7.  We had it for June 9th but she figures she needs the extra time to get better.