TERRY WOOD: Wayne’s better half and traveling companion.

MARGARET MCGREGOR: David’s better half and also his traveling companion.


NORBERT:  Mr. President not coming so let’s eat. I’ll run the meeting.

IRVING: Only a few people responded to his request for ham orders, so he only ordered 40 hams, we suggested that we get some extras just in case. We never heard from our big sellers like TED VANDERMERE, AND TERRY PALMAY who usually order 100 between the 2 of them, (it’s still not too late Ted and Terry if you need hams, but do it real soon. Hint Hint.)

JACK: Got a nice little homemade card from the grade 3’s at Birchbank PS re the dictionaries we gave them. We are almost finished all 25 schools.

WAYNE: Our Club has donated $1,000 to the Philippine Disaster Relief through Rotary Canada and Rotary Philippines coordinated by the Woodstock-Oxford D7080. Rotary International is matching all donations; cash is what they need most right now. Anyone who wishes to contribute can donate online at: then click on “Donate” and select “Disaster” from the drop down menu.

NORBERT: Went to Wellspring Centre for the unavailing of a plaque for those who helped in the building of the Centre. Our club is one of those.

We also understand that today is a special day for D Mac. We sang Happy Birthday to him and they brought a piece of cake with a candle on it. Number 70 or 80 I think?

Don’t forget Bingo for team 4 this Sunday 24th  and Team 1 on Thur. 28th.


TERRY: 2 Happy Bucks, one for our club for allowing her and Wayne to go to Africa, a trip of a life time, and she would go again in an instant. The second is for TINA, who gave her 200 little dolls that she knitted, to give to the kids that they where building the school for. She had pictures for Tina of the kids with the dolls and the joy on their faces was great to see. {Almost had us all in tears. Great job Tina, and thanks Terry and Wayne.}

MARGARET: Re David’s birthday, she never thought she would be married to someone that old.

DAVID. Happy Marg here and are leaving for Mexico on Friday.

RANDY: Tam was away all summer at a training camp in New York State. Her studies in medium work got her involved in a murder/suicide case that may be featured on Dr. Phil and perhaps led to a TV show later on.

TINA: $5:00 For the pictures that Terry took and for the cruise that she just got back from. Had a great time and loved every second of it.


DANNIE was away, so Tina sat in his chair and won the draw. Next week there will be 15 people sitting in the same chair, should be a lot of fun.


SARCHASM:  The gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the Person who doesn’t get it.

INOCULATTE: To take coffee intravenously when you are running late.