DAVID SMITH: From the Heart Lake Club, here to be our speaker today.

TERRY WOOD: From Wayne’s World here to tell us about the Terry Fox Run.


PRES. JEREMY: Not so happy buck, his son was the victim of a prank by a friend at school. As a joke the other kid pulled the chair away just as he was to sit down, he fell hard and hit his head, possible concussion. Not so funny. Also congratulations to Wayne and Terry for the successful Terry Fox Run, and Happy Birthday to Mr. Harvey.

TERRY: Thanks To every one, the Terry Fox Run was a great success, raised over $25,000 in the Heart Lake Run, bringing their total over the years she and her family have been doing this at Terry Fox School in Heart Lake to over $400,000. (Great job by her and the Wood family and all the volunteers that have helped them almost every year.)

RANDY: Not so happy buck. Martin is going to the hospital for tests, one of his best friends for most of his life, lost his battle with cancer this week, and it has hit Marty real hard. He is depressed and rundown.  He may not be driving for a while, so we wish him well and hurry back to the club, we miss you Marty.

 SHANTA: About 430 people where at the Dance on the weekend and they raised over $16,000. She apologized to Norbert, for not calling his table number sooner, she forgot. (She should apologize to Jack and Bernie more so, we had to sit and listen to Norbert squawk and complain and cry for almost an hour.)

WAYNE: He made the 6K run, and thanks to all the support he got, (2 wheel dolly, Luggage cart, bicycle, tricycle, roller skates, tripping and rolling down the hills.) it all counts, he made it and reached his goal. Way to go Wayne.

JACK: This strikes me as funny, I don’t know why. ( A fruit fly goes for a job interview, and the interviewer says. “Where do you see yourself 5 days from now?”


DANNIE won again. Terry pulled his ticket, so it must be legit.


David Smith, had a power point presentation on his hobby of photography, but had a lot of trouble with his computer. He tried Spot One’s, then he tried Jeremy’s, finally Wayne looked at it and said why don’t you push this button and turn it on. (My hero)

David was a little flustered and nervous, but once he got into it and showed some of his pictures it was great. He is an accountant by trade and this is his hobby and he had some great pictures.