JULIE JONES: Visiting Rotarian from the New Market Rotary Club. She is actually here for a sewing lesson next door and saw our sign, so came in for a make-up and we asked her to be our guest speaker, she is involved with Camp Enterprise.


I have been asked to put the information on Club Runner in the Bull-a-ton. I go to Internet Explorer, type in Rotary Club of Bramalea, it comes up on screen. Some times it may ask your name, and district, 7080. Usually it just comes right up. Or you can go to and find it there.

JEREMY: Next week, Jan.30 is a Club Assembly. Due to over booking at Spot One we will have an evening meeting at Norbert’s House of Pain. It is at 72 Jaffa, Williams Parkway and Torbram area, just south of Professors Lake. We will be having Pizza and stuff. We will start at 6:00, Wednesday Jan. 30.

RUSS:  Hockey this Sunday,!


JEREMY: Not a happy buck. One of his oldest friends lost his 19 year old son when he fell thru the ice last week up north, he was walking across a lake and it was not frozen enough. Very sad for the family, it was a rough week.

TED: Really cold outside, great for the heating business, lots of service calls too.

JERRY: After 46 years and lots of money, he finally got his first marriage annulled and now he can legally, in a Catholic Church, marry Rosa. The wedding is to take place in Brazil on March 23.

TINA: Her Church is having a Pancake Supper on Pancake Tuesday Feb. 12, to raise money, we are all invited. Please keep it in mind. Also very happy that we had lots of sellers at the hockey game, it allowed her to go home early and help get rid of her cold.

JACK: We all know that Tina likes to hug, and on Sunday she left the arena early and didn’t give Stan, one of the officials, a hug. He came to me and asked where Tina is; he heard her voice before and can’t find her. I said she had gone home, and he said he missed his hug, so I hugged him.   He said it was good, but I am no Tina.

NORBERT: He went for a medical and the doctor told him he must loose some weight, so now Norbert is looking for a new doctor, anybody know of one he can go to.


Our visiting Rotarian drew Jerry’s ticket, the rich get richer.


As mentioned our visitor Julie, spoke to us on the Rotary Camp Enterprise Program. It is held in Bolton on May 9th thru 12th. Districts 7080 and 7070 are involved and they are looking for about 60 students, 18-20 years old. Business in the focus. There is a meeting Feb. 13 at Cheeks Rest. In Bolton for more information, Jeremy will keep us more informed.

News flash: Just read in today’s Brampton Guardian, that the New Central Hockey League will have a team in Brampton, playing at the Powerade Centre. They will start next year, 50/50 anyone???