NEIL COLLINS, visitor looking for information on Rotary and hopefully he found it.

PETER VAN SICKLE, Guest speaker.

Cameron McRobb and Liz Stokes dropped in for a few minutes but didn’t have lunch.


NORBERT: Paid a buck he got from DWAC to wish TED Happy Birthday.

TINA: Happy Peter is here and also visitor Neil and hope he likes what he sees here.

JACK: Happy Birthday to Pauline, Happy Wedding Anniversary and Valentine’s Day, all in one week.

TED: Saw a stupid movie the other night, an invisible man marries and invisible woman, the kids where nothing to look at either.

RAY: Words of wisdom, gold is the only metal that doesn’t rust, even if it’s buried in the ground for thousands of years.


DMAC: Please put Saturday, May 31, in your calendars for Day at the Races, Woodbine. This is a fun event, good meal and chance of winning lots of money/or not. Let him know ASAP how many are going.

TINA: Bingo this week, Thur. 13th, #4 at 9:30, and Sun. 16th, team #1at 12:30


Can’t believe it, RUSS won again, for the 5th time this month.


TINA introduced Peter VanSickle who is the President of the Brampton Downtown Development Corporation. He leads a team of professionals in the promotion and development of the Heritage Downtown of Canada’s 9th largest municipality with a population in excess of 550,000. He showed us a video on Brampton, the old and the new. The BDDC was created in 2006 and is focused on Downtown Brampton and how it is growing now and in the future. People are tired of being held Highway Hostage and they feel Transit in the thing that will change that. Quite an interesting program.


March, 5th, QBD EH! (Don’t miss it, put it in your day timers)