Posted by Randy Kerman on Sep 14, 2017
Guests: Terry Wood, Pauline Boniface, Speaker Bob Faskett (first principle of Terry Fox P.S. and past Rotarian of Georgetown Rotary Club
President Dave - Had a tough couple of weeks, feeling the pressure.
Thanks to Jeremy as he attended meeting about 2018 Convention in Toronto.  
Wayne spoke about International projects and Wayne going to President's meeting.
Randy did some updates on Club runner ...while away in Vegas..guess that kept him away from the tables
Bingo's are covered for the next a certain person there are back to back bingos on this weekend
Shanta - reported on her fundraiser dance, 243 in attendance, not as many sponsors and probably raised about $10k.
Will be stopping fundraising for the school program due to her health.
Jeremy reported on meeting about the 2018 RI convention.  Expecting 45,000 people to attend and they are in desperate need of volunteers.  Want people and clubs to hold dinners one night.  He has notes to give to Randy for the Bulletin.
Will Pugh will be coming to the club to discuss.
Attendance: 63%
Draw Winner: Tina
Happy $$$
JM   Wished president Dave a happy birthday with chips and bingo card
JB   Had a story about depriving Pres Dave of chips
NB   Has to double up on courses to complete his degree, new house development is speeding up so has to empty attic
TW   Thanked the club for allowing us to go to the dance for Shanta, New shirt for Dylan who will push groups around the course for Terry Fox Run
NB   Has picked all the Pears, almost, or Liz picked them (Editors note - Norbert talked again I hope he paid again)
Speaker:  Introduced by Terry Wood
Bob joined the Georgetown Rotary in 1973, The school had 13.5 staff for 300 students,
School Board has to ask permission to name the school after Terry, as well as outstanding courage award in the new staff.
1982, a construction strike delayed the opening.  The PTA was formed before the school opened.  Wanted to 
create a positive experience in a school named after a great role model
Asked teachers to go to the bus stops on all routes to meet parents
The first Run in Heart Lake was 11 times around Loafer's Lake in 1983, organized by PTA, teachers, and staff
School officially opened in April of 1983, bused students to school in September to plant bulbs in garden for them to see when the school
finally opened.  There are 5 schools named after Terry Fox
Manfred made statues of Terry, and medallions for every student & Staff to mark the first year of the school.
Students started in the new school in December of 1982.
1983 was the first Run with the teachers & PTA marshaling along the route.  Since 2001 the Wood's family & teacher Kaye Meadows 
have made the run a success.
The 5 years he was at Terry Fox P.S. were the highlight of his 35 year career 
The first Run raised $4,808.31 and as of this year the Run has raised over $500,000.
Bramalea Rotary presented the Run with a cheque for $1000.