GUESTS:          Patricia, long time friend of Shanta's from Guyana and now San Antonio
                        Terrence, young son of Cynthia
50/50 draw  …. Russ can now afford a Costco hotdog for Linda
Sargeant - at -Arms report  - 52% attendance
Pres David:           next 3 bingos, but none in the next 7 days
                              Cynthia and David going to District Conference on Saturday
Wayne:                 Reported on Terry Fox Run, 240 participants plus a company who brought out 60 people, just under $ 28,000 raised. Probably only a few  runs left at the school as the support from the school will end when the teacher retires, unless the Terry Fox School administration steps up its involvement
Shanta:      Asked the members present for some assistance with a personal matter
  • Happy Birthday was sung to the 75 year young Jack Boniface
  • Norbert went to farm to pick his pears, brought some in, and hockey starts all over again
  • Because he won the draw, Russ gave $5 to wish Jack a Happy Birthday and happy to see Patricia at the meeting with Shanta
  • Cynthia's was happy she got to go to Shanta's event, had a great time.  Happy as well both her son's had their September birthdays.
  • Shanta was wished Jack a Happy Birthday and happy to have Patricia at the meeting
  • Wayne just happy
  • Jack had a long winded story about going to the Jays game with some guy who was older than him - finally realized Toronto has changed some over the last 60 years (must not get out much)
GUEST SPEAKER – Wayne - again!!!
Chatted about the President meeting he attended on behalf of President David, mentioned all the dates for meetings, training etc.  Talked a bit about the RI convention in June, there is no District Conference in 2018, however, the District Governor changeover is during the RI convention and will be at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club on Toronto Island June 23rd.
Apologies to Tina, as she accepted the roll of RI Convention delegate for the club but all these meetings bring up different points and Jeremy and I have both spoken about it - sorry Tina for stealing your thunder
Next speakers:            Brad Cox - getting to the Bahamas by sailboat
                                    Will Pugh - RI Convention
                                    Family Life Resource Centre