Guests: Kathy Dick & Timothy Whitehead (District Governor and Driver)
             Vanora Spreen (Brampton Club – ADG)
President Dave read out our club’s motto for our guests which he found when we cleaned out the closet
Bingo dates upcoming: Sept. 3, Wayne and Stephen are on duty (Randy and Jack say thanks)
Carabram Jazz festival has volunteered Brampton Rotary to help thanks to John Sanderson…looking for help   2:00 to 5:30 and/or 5:30 to 9:00 on September 9th outside the Rose Theatre contact Wendell Brown or Pres. Harvey.
Draw Winner -----Timothy the driver, again a guest pulls their own ticket…I think I will come as a guest next week!
Happy $$$
DH          Happy to see DG & ADG at our meeting
NB          Sad that hockey is over, what a loser team, blamed defence partner, tried to get into a fight
VS           Ken’s cousin is in Texas and she & family have safely evacuated high water
DM         Bingo mix-up, he was not supposed to show up but Jeremy was there as he was supposed to be We think
TR           Glad everyone missed her, she got adjusted last week thanks to a chiro in the family – wow and the grandkids sure are tall
NB          Went to the Huston Rotary a while back and speaker was hurricane expert who said that Houston could get 17’ under water with the right hurricane wind direction
TW         Official driver of the DG thanked Pres Harvey for the welcome and glad that Ray wore a tie to make him feel at home, but Ray’s was not a Rotary tie!
RG          Happy to see the DG, more important her driver
JB            Sister passed away a few weeks ago but the celebration of her life was held and great
In 2013/14 Kathy was the president of her club Cambridge North, in that role she went to the RI convention in Lisbon and that is where her eyes opened up to Rotary around the world.  She has been to every convention since then and really was moved by her trips for Rotary to Dominican Republic and Tanzania.  She spent time at the school project in Tanzania that our club was involved in and it was a big game changer for her!
She talked about the ways that district can help us be more successful in our endeavours.  There is work being done that will be out before the end of the year (Rotary Central on RI site).  Peace Centre at the university of Waterloo, loads of other online tools and updates, membership retention.  She has gone ebased reports with
monthly videos.
Polio Rotary received $100 million from Canadian Government.  RI wants to record total annual volunteer hours along with monies spend in the community for promotion world wide. There will be a plant a tree event the weekend of April 21-22 2018 along with earth day.  Trying to have every Rotarian in the world plant a tree…think global act local!  Service above self!