SYBIL TAYLOR, Director of Communications with the Steam Whistle Brewery, who is today’s guest speaker.


JACK: Read a letter he wrote to the Brampton Guardian for publication, it should appear this week, thanking the Brampton Battalion, Arena, and fans for all their support in helping us to raise over $900,000 in the last 15 years. Over half of that awarded as prize money and the rest distributed to about 50 groups in the Brampton Community.

He also mentioned that we are getting 2 tables at 11th annual Kidney Foundation Dinner and Dance, Saturday April 6th; So far we have 11 spaces taken, 5 left.

JERRY: Suggests, that we try to arrange that all our sellers be on the ice at the last game to thank the fans and the team for all their support over the years. He will discuss with the arena to see if it can happen.

DAVE MAC: Are we interested in a Race Track Day? He will try to arrange for late April. Show of hands indicated that we are interested.

PRES. JEREMY: We are looking for names to go in the RYLA program, and also we need 4 people for the Camp Enterprise weekend May 9-12 in Bolton.

Wayne Wood will represent our club on the school build project in Tanzania, sponsored by the Cambridge Rotary Club. We will put up the initial $2,000 funds, and he will pay for his expenses getting there and so on, but will be representing Bramalea Rotary.


RANDY: Finished 12th in the Poker Tournament, Thanked Jeremy and all who showed up to play and help, we raised $1,690.00 for the afternoon. Great Job.

TED: Real happy, lost his money in about 30 minutes, last time it took hours.

JERRY: Happy to see Shanta here, she has been sick and missed a lot of meetings. She did show up last week, but we had an evening meeting and she forgot.

NORBERT: His Art Career is taking off, not only is he a stone carver, he now is doing oil painting and has 2 of his paintings on show in galleries now. He is also on a diet, set by his doctor, and he is doing well, it’s only been a few hours but he can feel the difference already.

D WAC: Thanks for the Poker Tournament and the people who put it together, and for those who stayed around afterwards and listened to the band, it was a great crowd.

RUSS: Hockey this Thursday and also this Sunday. Please be there or get someone else.


Sybil Taylor spoke to us and had a power point presentation that was very good.

Steam Whistle Brewery is known as The Good Beer Folks, and for good reason. They only make one beer, they have lots of Green Initiatives, and they are very Community Oriented. Only 150 employees and they are downtown Toronto, in the old round house building in front of the Rogers Centre. Great talk, very informative and it seems like a great sentimental company. No samples, (because we are in a place that sells beer) but she did give out about 100 cards for a complimentary free tour and taste. We each got a card and Ted and David got the rest. Interesting and entertaining program.